Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama Clueless, Gitmo Prison isn't a Recruiting Tool

At 6:55 of Obama's speech below:

"But make no mistake, we will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. In fact, that was an explicit rationale for the formation of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula".

How does our president know the reason for the formation of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula? This is either an incredibly naive and stupid statement or does our president know something we don't?

OK so if we close Gitmo Islamic terrorists will decrease in numbers? No way! Gitmo should be left open and operational for future detainees and interrogation services.

It was alleged last week that the bomb plot was planned by two men who were released by the US from Guantanamo Bay in November 2007.

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi GM: I hadn't seen this. He is such a bum. He is a
recruiting TOOL! I think you're right, he knows something we don't. God, I can't stand to look at him. I'm listening, I can't watch him anymore. I will break something! He should be on the terrorist watch list. He's the worse threat to America ever.

Thanks for your birthday wishes, you're funny.
I just posted a great video, America Rising, have you seen yet? It's going viral.

PFFV said...

Hi Bunni, I know Obama is a total Anti-American and I will check out your Video soon I promise. Sweet Dreams Doll