Friday, January 29, 2010


While some Americans fear that Guantanamo prisoners brought to U.S. prisons might break out, a far more likely possibility is that some of the terror suspects will simply walk out at some point in the future on the order of a federal judge.

Eric Holder’s decision to move a trial on war crimes to American soil is morally confused, dangerous and political to a fault. (Sign Petition to stop this Here)

Coming soon to a civilian courtroom blocks from Ground Zero: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four other al Qaeda planners of 9/11. Be sure to get your tickets early, and don’t forget to watch out for the truck-bomb barricades and rooftop snipers.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who dropped this legal bomb on New York called his decision to move their trial on war crimes from a military courtroom at Guantanamo Bay to American soil “the toughest” he has had to make. Other words come to mind. For starters, intellectually and morally confused, dangerous and political to a fault.

This decision befits President Obama’s rushed and misguided announcement on his second day in office that he would close Gitmo within a year. This was before the Administration had thought through what to do with the 215 prisoners there, though it did win him applause in Europe and on the American left.

The first victory for the terrorist is that United States is set to grant KSM a trial in New York city, the site of al-Qaeda’s most successful attack. According to various reports, this is what he demanded from the moment he was captured in Pakistan.

The Obama Administration snatched a government conviction from the jaws of victory when it halted military tribunals in Guantanamo back in 2008. Now, Attorney General Eric Holder is giving terrorists another opportunity to get away with murder.

Please Sign this Petition to STOP the Terrorist Trials in NYC HERE


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