Thursday, January 7, 2010

Radio Host: Republicans plotted Christmas bombing

'Killing 200 to 300 people on a jetliner to make a point is nothing'

This is just Insane but it isn't unusual for liberal whack-jobs to make outrageous accusations like this! I'm sure he also believes that our government was behind 9-11-01 too. They say Conservative Talk Radio is bad? This, by far, blows away anything Conservatives have ever said about Democrats or the left.

Left-leaning talk-radio host Mike Malloy is accusing Republicans of plotting the Christmas Day attempted bombing of a flight to Detroit – possibly planning to kill 200 to 300 people – simply to "embarrass" the Obama administration.

During his syndicated program Tuesday, Malloy said, "Now, the inquiry, the questions are being raised as to whether or not this is not a deliberate attempt to embarrass – ah, that's not quite a strong enough word, but let's start there – embarrass the Obama administration."

The following is a short clip of several similar statements he made on the topic:

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