Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown Responds to Obama’s Attack on his Truck

On Sunday Obama slammed Scott Brown and his old truck several times in his Bush-Bashing campaign speech for Martha Coakley. Maybe Obama is forgetting that the U.S. now owns General Motors.
You would think that Obama would want Americans to Buy GM not Trash GM?

Obama Bashes Scott Brown & His Truck– It’s a GM Truck

H/T to Gateway Pundit


Amusing Bunni said...

At least he didn't drive into a lake while drunk and kill a girl in his truck! Obummer is toast!

PFFV said...

Hi Bunni, yes tuesday will be a great day to be glued to Fox News to see what the outcome will be. This could be a huge signal to the Democrats that "We the People" have had enough of Politicians blowing us off! It is my personal goal to make sure Obama doesn't destroy this Country for our future generations. We will prevail!