Friday, January 22, 2010

Sen Inhofe "I Believe In Racial And Ethnic Profiling"(Vid)

No appeasement kills more people than being politically correct! We now have to worry about how the Islamic extremists "feel" and make sure their rights have not been violated by racial profiling laws. When was the last time a white American hijacked a plane? Exactly! When was the last time a middle eastern male hijacked a plane? I see the need for profiling it's just common sense.


Anonymous said...

Any sane person that wants to keep America safe would believe so. We have been living in a politically correct world since the late sixty's.
Is it white men and women, and grand mothers that have been doing this? The Christmas bomber paid cash for a one way ticket for a transcontinental flight with no checked luggage. Ya think the person who checked him in might have had a clue?

PFFV said...

Well said czars I agree totally. We certainly need to profile, it's just common sense. Thanks for the comment sir.