Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Krauthammer: "Insane" To Give Terrorist A Lawyer

Obama aide John Brennan talks about giving Terrorist Plea Deals, unbelievable!
This guy is obviously a puppet sent out to try and defend the stupid decisions to give a Terrorist Rights as an American and a lawyer so he can have the right to remain silent! This Man attempted to murder 300 innocent people and is an Enemy Combatant that should have been turned over to the CIA and he should have been interrogated to find out what he knew and possibly extract information that could save American lives from a future terrorist plot. Krauthammer says it best in the second video below.

Krauthammer: "Insane" To Give Terrorist A Lawyer and this demonstrates The Unseriousness of the Obama Administrations "War on Terror"

Krauthammer: Obama's #1 Terror Goal Is to Send Reinforcements to Al-Qaeda By Closing Gitmo - Why are we closing Gitmo? It's insane!

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