Sunday, February 21, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Destroys Max Blumenthal at CPAC (Vid)

Wow, Andrew Breitbart takes down Max Blumenthal here. Andrew tells it like it is and pummels Blumenthal then Larry O'Connor takes over and spanks Max right out of the CPAC event. Mr. Breitbart is fighting the evil of the liberals and their false allegations. The liberal tactic is almost always the "Racism" charge when they have no facts to support their agenda as seen here.

While being interviewed after the above altercation Andrew Breitbart was called a racist by some very rude black man and Andrew battles him as well. I can't speak highly enough about Andrew Breitbart. He is a Hero to all of us Conservative Bloggers that know him and what he stands for. He is one of my heros that's for sure. God bless you Mr. Breitbart you are fighting for truth, justice, and for every true Conservative American.

Videos courtesy of Breitbart TV


Reaganite Republican said...

Phil, who's the guy on Blumenthal after Breitbart, with the glasses?

You know, Blumethal ragged on my blog once, linked me as an example of a Right Wing POS- about 4 mos back

PFFV said...

Larry O'Connor a regular contributor to Big is the guy James.

Blumenthal is the POS in my opinion. To accuse someone of racism without merit is pathetic, but it's what we expect from the liberal morons these days right.

dancingczars said...

This guy is becoming a force the DNC can't deal with. He exposed the truth in his speech at CPAC, Breitbart to Media and Higher Education: The Gig Is Up – You’re Not on the American Team Can be viewed here it's a classic. Talk about in your face and a full on frontal take down. See it here

PFFV said...

Thanks for the link Jim and you're dead on about Andrew Breitbart being a force. They can't discredit him as a media truth outlet and it is killing the Liberal snobs

dancingczars said...

As I continue to watch Andrew Brietbart, I begin to wonder if he would have more credibility without the in you face style is currently using. He's clearly a genius, self educated, but getting into shouting matches some how make me think he's coming off as a loose cannon. Jim