Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bill Maher "Americans are Not Very Bright" (Video)

Bill Maher does it again, he makes himself out to be a complete A$$. Americans have no clue what Socialism is? Americans aren’t bright enough to understand the issues? Maher is an arrogant elitist that thinks he is god, does that sound familiar (Obama)? Bill Maher, Disrespectful of our Country, our Constitution, our Founders and our Military. It's no wonder he gets zero ratings.

Thanks to Breitbart TV


Anonymous said...

Maher is a complete Marxist Fool, every time I hear him I want to slap the white off his face. He is just another Hollywood punk. He should marry Jenanine Barfingbuffalo and have children to lead the world when we are gone.

Government Mess said...

Laughing here Jim! Yes these Libs are pathetic haters that will say anything to try and damage their foes, common sense conservative thinkers. All they have left is insults and hate; they have no facts to argue with. It's a beautiful sight to see when they flail and swing at the truth and substance of the factual problems we are facing today. The simple fact is that we need dramatically smaller government and as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by my friend.