Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bill Nye Science Guy Drunk on G / W Kool-Aid too (Vid)

I used to like Bill Nye the Science Guy too, not anymore. Of course it had to be on MSNBC and worse yet hosted by Rachel Mandow. This guy makes a total fool of himself explaining how it used to be called Global Warming but now it's called Climate Change. This admission all by itself speaks volumes as the IPCC 'The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' changed the name of the crisis because it's data was found to be corrupt and one sided in what facts it selected to use to support their Global Warming Hoax. Almost daily there are more lies and deceptions uncovered about the total corruption within the IPCC and it's so called scientific data. The left will never accept that Global Warming is dead. Climate Change has been occurring long before man arrived on Earth but they will still try to say man is causing it to make bigger government. (Funny Global Warming Parody Link Below Video)

The real truth about Global Warming Here: Frozen Wasteland, New AGW Parody courtesy of Amusing Bunni's Musings


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Phil! Thank you SO much for linking me! That's very cool of you ;-) I'm glad you enjoyed the video.
I'll give you a hat tip back to here.

I don't like nye anymore either, who would go on that maddow's show? He's a clown. These people really need to stop with the global warming lies.

I hope you have the most awesome weekend too!
I hope the only global warming you get is the glow of happiness on Valentines Day!

PFFV said...

Thanks Bunni, have a Happy Valentines Day too! I can't believe anyone can still accept the Global Warming Hoax given the facts that have come out about Climate Gate and all the data they excluded to make it look like a scientific fact that G/W was taking place. Now we are hearing about the outright lies that the supposed facts were based on. People can be really stupid obviously. If you go back to my very first posts Global Warming was why I started this Blog. I said it was a Scam then and I am more convinced today that I was right all along. Have a great weekend Bunni, and all that happen to read this.