Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dem Shami: Whites Don't Want to Work in Factories (Vid)

Dem. Candidate for Texas Gov. Shami: Whites Don't Want to Work in Factories.
I would beg to differ, Millions of citizens in the USA are unemployed because they lost their factory jobs. I believe part of the problem is illegal immigrants are willing to work for wages so low and probably don't get medical insurance so obviously the employers choose to employ them. Why don't we enforce the laws we already have instead of making more laws to allow illegals a free pass? The line that "they do the work that Americans won't do" is total BS! The employers want them here so they can have cheap labor and pay no benefits, that is the truth! This guy should be excoriated but the MSM will give him a liberal free pass too.


Reaganite Republican said...

I guess this butthole's never been to Cleveland or Detroit... what an idiot

Most of my lilly-white family works or has worked at Ford, along with millions of others- I don't know what planet some of these libs are talking about sometime, sure as hell not this one

PFFV said...

Right on James! Factory jobs are the bread and butter of our economy. Without manufacturing jobs we will never recover from this depression. This administration doesn't get it at all!