Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dick Cheney Spanks Joe Biden & Biden Lies Again (Vid)

Joe Biden says "I never once doubted increasing the troops in Iraq wouldn't meet the military objective." He is a damn Liar yet again! If you view the lower video Joe Biden said the war in Iraq was a catastrophe and we couldn't win, adding more troops would do nothing to help win the war in Iraq. Need I remind you that Obama and Biden both were against "The Surge" that decisively won the war. What an idiot Joe Biden is and now he wants to say The Obama Administration did a great job winning the war when it was already won when they took over for the Bush administration. The truth is Obama/Biden inherited the victory. If they had their way we would have cut and run before the surge, FACT!

Joe Biden trashes Bush saying we can't win the war in Iraq


Reaganite Republican said...

IF we'd had listened to Slow Joe with his birdbrained plan for surrender and splitting Iraq in three back in 2006, Iraq would be an Al Qaida caliphate by now... maybe he forgot that.

This administrations' taking credit for W's accomplishments -who's means they opposed- is beyond the pale... shameless... and appalling.

Shut up Joe, all the dumb crap you said is on tape

PFFV said...

I couldn't have said it better my friend. It seems every day Obummer or Jumpin Joe are lying like crooks to the American people and we are watching this time around. Payback time is coming this November and in every election after that until "We The People" get our Country Back!