Sunday, February 21, 2010

Idiot Bill Maher says Tea Party People are a Cult (Vid)

The superior intellect (liberal buffoon) Bill Maher explains that the Tea Party movement is really a cult. This guy really thinks he is smarter than everyone on this planet doesn't he? Talk about clueless and pompous all wrapped up into one arrogant package of stupidity equating to the one and only Bill Maher. I think that covers it.


dancingczars said...

This guy is an arrogant over paid asshole. Every time I hear his smug arrogance I think a shovel in his face would greatly improve the schnoz. Thee or four more hits might knock some common sense into him.

PFFV said...

Yes indeed Jim, I like your plan of! I never watch the fool but when he really gets outrageous I post his comments just to remind the liberals how stupid they are.