Monday, February 15, 2010

Lil Rascals Liberals Our Future Leaders (very funny) Video

This little rascals video is hilarious! It shows our leaders as kids in school telling the teacher what they want to be when they grow up, too funny! A must see!

Thanks to my friend Dennis Morrow for bringing this to my attention.


Amusing Bunni said...

This was a brilliant find, Phil. I put on my YouTube Channel. I"m going to tweet it to!
Are you on twitter, your YT? You should be.

My pages of those are on my blog side bar.
Thanks again for posting this. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Phil!!
What a laugh! I loved the Little Rascals.

PFFV said...

Hi Bunni, yes this was a great clip sent to me by a good friend that is a conservative like us. I have twitter but I use my last name as my ID and I'm not sure about YT as far as a point where my favorite videos are collected but I will check. Thanks for stopping by Bunni.

Thanks Bill, I am glad you enjoyed the clip, stop in often sir and please comment. Peace