Sunday, February 14, 2010

Liz Cheney Nails Obama's Incompetence on Terror (Vid)

Liz Cheney tears up Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday. Liz repeatedly points out the incompetence of the Obama Administration's war against "Man-Caused Disasters" in this video. She is one smart and sharp lady. Liz is fast becoming a person of interest for me personally in politics. I could see her running for office soon, she should from everything I have seen and heard from her.


Reaganite Republican said...

God I love this woman-

Amusing Bunni said...

She was Great! I was watching on tv during breakfast, and I love how she handed that pansy juan his ass on a plate. He's such a jerk!

She is spot on! Incompetence, describes everything about this admin in one word! (one non sweary word, anyway).

PFFV said...

I do too James & Bunni, She is so smart and calm/collected every time I see her. I hope she is considering running for some kind of office because we need her desperately. Dare I say that I would probably support her over Sarah Palin if she decided to run for the big dance right now, who knows what will happen. Bunny you cracked me up with the non sweary word! Have a great week you two!

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney with a vagina.

If you can filter out the noise, Dick Cheney is an extremely sharp guy. I wish he was in charge of national defense.

His daughter is very smart too.