Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama "Question my Policy but not my Citizenship" Vid

Of all places for Obama to spout this snarky remark he chose a prayer breakfast. Some people thought he was joking but if you watch him he was not.

OK so Obama was born in Hawaii according to two independent newspapers, but he has never produced his birth certificate, why? I believe that Obama is most likely a natural born citizen but why not clear this up? I believe he is using it as a distraction among many other distractions to keep people focusing on everything but the progressive agenda he and his thugs are trying to slip through while we are not paying attention. He did spend and continues to spend millions to keep his past a secret, why? I think asking why is a valid question. To simply ask for the truth makes people so called "Birthers" and some kind of unreasonable extremists? Since when has asking a valid question looking for truth been a reason to make someone a radical extremist? This nation has been brainwashed by the progressive media and our politicians but we are waking up in mass! Progressives (Republicans and Democrats) kiss your own butts goodbye starting this November!

H/T Breitbart TV

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