Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obama "Turn Off The TV News & Blogs" Great plan! Video

Obama claims to know what the people are sick of. We are sick of Obama's arrogant denial of what "We the People" want. We don't want you to keep spending our future generations money on your special interest buddies pet projects calling it Stimulus. We don't want Government take over of all things! We want our children and grandchildren to have a chance at a good life like we have had before the progressives came and ruined our great country. The bottom line is that Obama thinks he knows more than anybody else especially the people that he is supposed to be working for, us. Remember the vast majority of Americans are Conservatives. It would be a wise choice for politicians that want to keep their jobs to watch Fox News, read Conservative Blogs and listen to Conservative Talk Radio so they understand what the majority of people are thinking. It all will change this November when the True Conservatives take back this country from the Progressive Thugs in office! We are coming for all you clowns (Republicans and Democrats) that voted for leftist policies, your days are numbered!

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