Saturday, February 27, 2010

Raw Video: Quake-Stricken Chile in Ruins

Wow, those poor people. On the ground footage of devastation. President Michele Bachelet declared a "state of catastrophe" in central Chile after a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, killing over 80. Check out full story in link below the video.

Massive Mag. 8.8 Quake Hits Chile, Hawaii Evacuation(Vid)

4 comments: said...

How scary and frightening! The quake happened at a time when most people were sleeping. I hope the United States and other foreign countries send aid to the people of Chile as soon as possible. They will need it. I further hope that no tsunamis strike any other country as a result of this quake. That would be even more devastating.

PFFV said...

Well said, and welcome. The USA will do more than anyother country to help, as we always do. Don't be a stranger. Have a great weekend.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Phil! This is a very sad video. It seems we are getting more and more natural disasters lately.
You are right that America will step up and provide the most aid, like we always do....even though people don't really appreciate it.
Have a great weekend!

Government Mess said...

Hi Bunni, no amount of taxation will reduce natural disasters that's a fact!
Sweet dreams also!