Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Republicans Have Had A Health Care Bill Posted Since July(Vid)

The Republican health care proposal posted at is the Bill that the American people would accept. The Republicans are showing that they are getting back to their True Conservative values, I hope this continues. I still can't support the Left leaning Rhino Republicans like John McCain or Lindsey Graham though. Even if they say they have changed I wouldn't vote for either one. Both supported Amnesty for Illegals and Cap & Trade legislation. Below the video are my comments posted at

I am glad you have a health care proposal that makes sense here. The biggest problem with the Republican Party has been left leaning Republicans and spending like democrats when Bush was in office. You all need to side with the Tea Party movement and get back to true Conservative Values like our founders intended you to be. We will vote out those Republicans that believe in bigger government(Amnesty for illegals, Cap & Trade)like McCain, Graham, and others. We the People have to be fiscally responsible and so should our Government.

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