Monday, February 22, 2010

Unemployment Benefits Extension down to the Wire

Will our Politicians Extend Unemployment Benefits? In hard hit states like Michigan the jobless rate is reported to be around 14% for the state and as high as 50% in the Detroit Metro area, families are struggling to pay their Bills and put food on the table.

Millions of Americans are wondering if this week will bring the much awaited unemployment benefits extension that so many in our nation not only need, but also are dependent upon. The Senate is set to return today, February 22nd, and with nothing certain on the jobs bill, which was drastically cut down before the Senate went on break, many wonder if there will be time for the Senate to pass an unemployment extension within one week.

With so many looking to unemployment benefits extensions to pay for or just help pay the most basic necessities and bills, there could be massive backlash if there is no extension before the February 28th expiration date, which stemmed from an extension in December.

In a report on, there is mention that the votes for unemployment extensions have been unanimous in the past, as last year no one voted against the extension, but it also took weeks for them to craft a proposal for the extension.

Also, the many unemployed men and women that are depending on these extensions have been waiting for word from Congress as it seems the possible extension is going to come to be a close call as there is only a week for a decision to be made.

As always, there is no certainty with Congress, but many feel that a vote against an extension or even a delayed extension is going to be something the Senators will want to avoid due to the repercussions it could have not just in the elections coming this year, but also to the economy as millions would be without benefits.

The extension does seem likely, but when it will pass is the question. Getting the jobs bill and extensions passed this week isn’t an impossibility, but in the uncertainty of Congress one thing is for sure: the Senate will have a busy week on their hands.

Lets hope our elected officials care enough about the unemployed struggling families to pass an extension before people get cut off. We will see soon enough.

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