Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valerie Jarrett speaks as if Tea Partiers are Simpletons(Vid)

Valerie Jarrett answers a question and basically says Tea Party Patriots are not smart. She goes on to say that maybe if they wrote simple booklets and handed them out to the Tea Party people that maybe then they would understand their liberal agenda. The arrogance of Obama and this entire administration is sickening and it is personally starting to P*ss me off, how about you?


Reaganite Republican said...

This Bolshevik POS says we're "basically anit-government"?

That's like saying I'm anti-football because I can't stand Terelle Owens-

Back in reality, we're anti lying-cheating-stealing-condescending-statist/narcissist... but will have far fewer issues with next year's GOP Congress and Senate.

Hey Val... don't you have a slum to manage, or something?

PFFV said...

I certainly couldn't have said that any better my friend, I agree 100% James. These scumbags are really starting to tick me off to put it mildly.

Anonymous said...

Screw you. We oppose your crap because we understand it. You need to get off your darn high horse and realize that you are wrong.

PFFV said...

Ditto to that mystery person...lol!