Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Van Jones Denies He Signed 9-11 Truther Petition (Vid)

Van Jones explains his resignation from the Obama administration for the first time.
He says that someone else signed his name to the 9-11 truther petition so he decided to resign to spare President Obama from having to answer questions about him and to spare the administration grief. If Van Jones did not sign the 9-11 truther petition why would he resign? I don't believe an innocent man would lay down and resign his powerful position unless there was some truth to this. Why wouldn't he have said something about the fact that he never signed this petition before now? Check out Van Jones body language and eye contact here (looking down half the time) and decide for yourself. My thought is that he indeed did sign the 9-11 petition and wanted to distance himself from Obama to save both their hides, so far it seems to be working. A year later he is still in business and about to receive a NAACP Award of great honor.

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