Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Very Funny News Skit by NewsBusted - Video

NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day.
Topics in today's show: - Dems keep it up on health care - Majority wouldn't re-elect Obama - Cheney: Obama will be a 1-term president - Obama gives Dalai Lama cuff links - Sean Penn supports the troops? - Boredom is deadly - Elton John: Jesus was gay - Tiger apologizes


Anonymous said...

That was really funny, thank, I go their all the time to get the truth I missed that one. I wonder if you can assist me? I use VODPod to upload non YouTube video. The last couple of days it has rejected my name and password. I've contacted the company for support on the issues, been all over the boards, nothing. What uploader do you use, Thanks,Jim

PFFV said...

Jim I embed all my videos using HTML code given at the source. Maybe this link will help you, I hope so http://google.about.com/od/googleblogging/ss/embedyoutubesbs.htm
let me know if it helped or not. Take care my friend.