Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Dirty Bribe for Obama Care Vote in ND. (Vid)

The dirty sweetheart deals for Obama Care Votes continue as we speak. Rep. Pitts discusses a new special deal thrown into the health care reform bill at the last last minute. We now know what is very wrong with most of our elected officials, they are in it for personal gain over doing what is right. It's time to really clean house obviously!


Alex said...

I live in Illinois and saw that Rep. Luis Gutierrez plans to vote "yes" on the bill. His reason for changing is that he has been promised that illegal immigrants will be included on the health care bill. This is a man who has no interest in what is best for citizens of this country. This is the kind of representation we get from a Gerrymandering state. Take a look at his district.

PFFV said...

Welcome, the democrats sold out America for favors and bribes, they all need to go asap.

Alex said...

Agreed. They didn't just sell out our country. They sold us all out as individuals. Being that I am not an ant or a bee, I do not treasure the idea of collectivism.