Monday, March 22, 2010

Conservative Bloggers are Fighting for every Americans Freedom

I don't do this often enough. I really appreciate our family of Great Conservative American Bloggers. I tip my hat to you all, you are all True American Heros to me.

My good friend and mentor at The Reaganite Republican always out does himself it seems, check out his brilliant and quite comedic style here - Congressional Health Care Vote: Updates and Live Streaming Coverage Here also you have to see this Teh Sundeh Funnehs as I said he is funny.

Another friend of mine Jim at Dancing Czars recently upgraded his blog and it's very well done, informative and funny with current important issues like this Administration Actuary Can’t Analyze Health Bill Before Final Vote and another great piece here Muslim who aided death of 6 Americans, 168 others, gets Holder-approved plea deal

A well known and highly respected blogger Dan over at Riehl World View never fails to impress me either with his original perspective on the issues such as this To Stupak Block: They Aren't Pro-Life, And They Aren't Pro-Health and Petty Tyrants Play The Viktum Card, Oh My!

Speaking of well known and highly respected bloggers Moonbattery is right at the top too with it's cutting edge style of blogging, check out Have You Heard the Latest?

Another great Conservative American blog to pay attention to is Left Coast Rebel who always has a original and insightful delivery on the issues like this Just Say No! My Thoughts on Freedom Sums up My Thoughts on Freedom, Precisely

I can never leave out Amusing Bunni's Musings this blog is very funny and infomative with an animal loving theme that I adore very much. Check this out We Should Hire this Dog For Pres!

Jumping in Pools is another great Conservative blog to regularly visit for very important issues such as this The Representatives that will shape our future.

The Daley Gator is a great blog to keep your eye on as well for great stuff like this Heart-Ache! Jimmy Carter slips to number two and this stunner John Lewis is nothing but a lying, bottom-feeding, race pimp!

The Lonely Conservative is a blog that has really caught my eye for excellent coverage of conservative issues especially the very important Health Care Bill vote, check out this great piece Do they have the votes? – Updated and this is excellent too Thank you, Marsha Blackburn

Another Black Conservative is a classy conservative blog with great insight to offer with works like this one called D-Day

Stop The ACLU always has great posts like this Democrats Don’t Care About ‘Health,’ It’s All About Politics

Say Anything is a very nice blog with great pieces like this Hyde and Seek and Pomeroy Is in Pelosi’s Pocket Update: Pomeroy Afraid to Stand Alone

Atlas Shrugs is an excellent blog that puts out its own take on very important issues like this America's Day of Wreckoning

Right Wing Nut House is a blog I have just recently found that has great stuff like this Shallow, Misinformed, and Fearful: Tea Partiers or Their Critics?

Wake up America is a very good conservative blog with great articles like this House Liberals Have Been Played, So Have Progressives

Nickie over at - Goomba News Network - reports we have Quite a day ahead

And So it Goes in Shreveport keeps us up to speed here Kill The Bill Sunday (UPDATED)

Right Pundits posted this excellent piece, a must read First Moody’s, Now IMF Warns America on Economy

The Silent Majority tells us that Today Everything Changes in America

Patterico's Pontifications tells Olga’s Story

Sharp Elbows StL has a piece about Obama's Ratings Still In A Free Fall.

The K.O.O.K's Manifesto asks Why did Obamacare survive?????

Hope n' Change tell us How the Deemocrats Became Extinct

One American's View My Dad's blog, his message is excellent and it's his honest opinion. Here is his latest News Letter.

There are so many great Conservative Blogs and I know I have missed more than a few please forgive me if I missed yours. The Big Blogs don't need the shout out as much as the rest of us do but I must mention a few. The immense value of these Big Time Bloggers such as Andrew Breitbart of the Breitbart Group, Jim Hoft of GatewayPundit, Michelle Malkin of Michelle Malkin and Hot Air can't be dismissed ever by me, because they are the Founding Fathers of the Blogosphere. I can't express my gratitude enough to them as well as all the conservative bloggers mentioned and not mentioned that are fighting the battle against the evil progressive agenda and the battle to spread the truth that the liberal MSM and HollyWood tries to hide from all Americans. Thanks to all of You, we are making a difference! Keep up the good fight, you inspire me!


jim said...

What this was nice, thank you, I must get back to doing this as you are doing, I need to find a way to do automatic updates, it can be done, I am still copying and pasting in recent posts from favorite bloggers, since I come here all the time you will be on the list, J.C. Going to work on it now, LOL at the joke on TV, never seen the light of day. Take it to the bank. Jim

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Phil.
This is a great post, and you have taken alot of time to put the best of the conservative blogs on here!
You are inspiring too. I'm glad to be in such great company, and my animal loving antics bring some cheer to a very depressing situation.
Have a super week.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Thanks for the links - not just to my blog (Hope n' Change Cartoons), but to all the blogs that help create a community where we can share information and encouragement!

Government Mess said...

Jim, you are very welcome and I appreciate all you do my friend. I really would like to do this once a week but it is pretty time consuming with all the news activity. I know I need to reach out more to others and this seems to be a good way. I makes me ill to think our politicians could do this to America. I don't know how we will recover economically with these massive tax hikes on businesses and the costs of all goods and services are going to sky-rocket as the businesses pass the costs on to the consumer. Remember the Liar in Chief saying that if you make under 250K per year you won't see your taxes go up 1 dime? POS LIAR! Have a great week sir and keep fighting regardless of the 'Death to the USA' Bill passing.

Hi Bunni, your most welcome and please keep your chin up about this Communist takeover of our health care system. We may be able to stop it still with it being unconstitutional and all. You are a great American and we will get our country back, I promise.

Welcome Stilton, you are welcome sir, don't be a stranger. I am all about working together to solve our countries huge problems as noted above. I am looking forward to working together, have a great week sir.

The Lonely Conservative said...

We did our best. Please remind me tomorrow to link back to you. I'm just so tired right now. I have to get some sleep.

We live to fight another day.

Trigger said...

I'm glad I found this site, great links. Lonely Conservative has become on of my favorites as well for stories and links. Thanks! Take America back!

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks Phil- you really outdid yourself this week, and we've got a lot of mutual friends I see.

Sure have met a lot of good conservative people online blogging... encouraging to see in the darkest days of the grim Obammunist era, isn't it?

Government Mess said...

Ok Lonely Conservative rest well and don't give up our fight, it's not over.

Hi Trigger welcome and glad you like the blog too, don't be a stranger.

Hi James thanks for the compliment. I think I need more encouragement now than ever before but I am not giving up fighting for truth and true conservative leadership so we can clean up this corrupt Government. With friends like you I will be fine, keep up the great work Bro and stay strong.