Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kill the Bill Rally in DC - Early Footage - Huge Crowd

Some early footage of the Kill the Bill Rally at DC. What a Huge Crowd! More Footage to come as soon as it's posted. Jon Voight gives a great speech. God Bless these Great American Patriots Fighting for our Freedom! We will take back our Country!

National Anthem

Jon Voight gives an excellent speech at the Kill the Bill rally

A walk through the Huge Crowd


Reaganite Republican said...

Going to be an entertaining day, to say the least... linked at Reaganite Republican:

PFFV said...

Thanks James, yes it will be a day to remember and I hope it will be the day that Obama Care was defeated. I fear that the scumbag sellout Democrats will pass this inexcusable bill though. God help us!

Amusing Bunni said...

These are some great video's, Phil!
Thanks for posting. I'm very disgusted they
are going to pass this crap, but people are going to
fight them in the courts, and go after the traitors.
Try not to let this ruin your Sunday.