Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Attacks Tea Party Organizer(Vid)

Is this guy on steroids suffering roid-rage or what? This MSLSD Spaz seems to be trying to out crazy Olber-idiot and is succeeding! I'm sure he made himself feel good with his deaf tantrum, but anyone watching it who possess more than one functioning brain cell will see him for the fool he is. I hope the left keeps encouraging these clowns! Conservatives can then just sit back and watch them commit philosophical and political suicide with out lifting a finger! Shoot this guy with a tranquilizer already. Mark was trying to answer the question, but as usual gets this type of treatment. Maybe if Dylan would have shut his mouth he would have heard the man say "no we don't embrace racism."

Full Ranting Idiot Video Here

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