Tuesday, March 23, 2010

O'Reilly Wrong-Libs lack Credibility After Betrayal of Oath(Vid)

Bill O'Reilly is flat out wrong in this debate with Dana Loesch, prominent Conservative activist. The Liberals that claimed Racist/Gender remarks and one claimed to be spat upon at the ObamaCare Protest, are not trust worthy. Fact, there is no evidence to prove this happened when thousands of recorders were being used. Fact, the Liberals have everything to gain by claiming false allegations to give the MSM ammunition to assault Tea Party Patriots and minimize the validity of the cause. Fact, these Liberals violated their Oath to defend the Constitution by voting against the will of the American People, meaning they would do anything to win, especially lie. Fact, 24 hours later no politician that made these claims has come out and stated exactly what happened. Bill O'Reilly asked all the so called victims individually to come on his soft-ball show to tell what happened and none would. If any of this was true a liberal would certainly have paraded it through the streets with Rev. Al and Jesse running the Mega Phones crying foul. Bill O'Reilly you are a softball reporter and a weak Conservative that thinks Government should regulate more, you have said so. You lack credibility to most True Conservatives. For the record Dana is completely correct! Shame on you Bill.


Jim said...

Great find, O'Reilly has been all over the place trying to become the FOX appeaser, he cannot be taken seriously. Beck teaches, Hannity is the partisan, and Greta the penetrating interviewer. Shep is the resident maggot. Keep on plowing. Pelosi and Obama have declared war on the people of the United States, we will not bend. Jim

Government Mess said...

I agree with your assesment of the Fox reporters Jim. I think the best one to watch is Bret Baier and his Panel in the last 20 minutes which usually includes Krauthammer who is my Hero. That man is always right, so far anyways. Neil Cavuto is fun to watch too. Have a great week sir.