Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ted Nugent "Vote the Pigs Out in November" Video

Ted is absolutely correct! Vote the Marxist and Corrupt Pigs Out in November!Barack Hussein Obama has set himself and his party clearly against the great majority of the American people. "We the People" are pissed off that our Government doesn't care what the majority of us want. They’ll get all the resistance they can handle and more come November.


Amusing Bunni said...

Gotta luv the Motor City Madman for telling it like it is. I wish he'd use his hunting skills on all the commies!
Great Video GM!

Government Mess said...

Yep, Ted was my hero when I was a kid and still is today. I am a hunter and love the great outdoors just as Terrible Ted! He is so dead on when it comes to politics too! He has great morals and values even with all those millions. I wish he would consider running for office just to clean! Ted wouldn't put up with the BS in DC that's for damn sure! Throw all their asses OUT!