Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thomas Sowell-Genius & Brilliant Thinker-Q&A (Video)

One of my Biggest Hero's Thomas Sowell, now going on 75, is one of the greatest thinkers I have ever encountered. He should be listened to every time he speaks; he knows what he is talking about. Mr. Sowell is an intellectual genius that speaks in simple terms that most people can understand. His humbleness and great respect for all people is very telling of the class act that he is. Listen to this great man every time you can, he always teaches me something or enlightens me in some new way every time I hear him speak. God Bless this brilliant man and all he does for our civilization. If people would just listen to him the world will be a better place.


Matthew Avitabile said...

Sowell for Supreme Court!

Govermment Mess said...

Thanks for commenting Matthew and I agree 100% with nominating Mr. Sowell for any office. He is the voice of reason, no question about it.