Tuesday, March 2, 2010

XP Guardian 2010 "Malicious Virus" Warning

Warning to all! I just had this virus (XP Guardian 2010) and it was a nightmare. It pops up and says you have spyware, malware, viruses and starts scanning your computer. Everything I tried failed to stop it. I did all the things that it said to do online but it eventually locked me out by manipulating the administrative permissions so I couldn't access anything. I had to delete the entire partition from my hard drive and do a clean install of everything, 48 hours of fun time (sarcasm intended). Beware, if you get an email from someone you know regarding a dating service that seems odd DO NOT OPEN IT! It is most likely one of the seeds that could start the nightmare. People received emails from my email address that I never had anything to do with, not good. All referred to some sort of dating request or service, if you see an email like this I strongly advise you not to open it even if it is from someone you know.

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