Saturday, April 3, 2010

Democrat "Tea Partiers are Without Robes and Hoods"(Vid)

Rep. Cohen (D-TN) is just another Liberal idiot spreading lies trying to make Concerned Americans (Tea Party Patriots) look like Radical Haters and Racist's. Why can't any of these Liberal Democrat Liars show some proof of what they claim? They can't because they are making it all up. We have Lying Marxist Mobsters running our Country as we can clearly see and hear today. It's time to get rid of these egg sucking Dogs!(example below) The Great CL Bryant speech below as well.

Awesome! Rev. CL Bryant - "Get Rid of the Egg Sucking Dogs" Kill the Bill Rally Must See Video


jim said...

Quite simply there is nothing to show. It's the usual liberal smoke and mirrors. You don't have the facts, start name calling and demonizing. They will pay big time at the polls in November. Jim

Government Mess said...

We will make them pay this November and in 2012 as well Jim. You are right. Gotta love the CL Bryant speech too. Have a great Easter.