Friday, April 2, 2010

Obama Paramilitary Drill Team, Nation of Islam (Video)

Below are three videos. The first one is of Obama saying we need a civilian national security force. The next two videos are disturbing to say the least. If this is what Obama meant by civilian military forces we are in deep trouble.

This is a junior drill team of the Nation of Islam. Such paramilitary drill teams have been a feature of Black Nationalism since Marcus Garvey started the mass movement in the late 1920's. The NOI teaches youth to hate at a young age. When they chant of the "devil" in this clip they refer to the white man. The NOI believes that the white Race is literally the Devil and the black race is God. Obama's church in Chicago has a similar belief that is derived from the Nation of Islam. In the End Times the black race will destroy the white race and America in order to create a millenary kingdom or theocracy.

Obama says we need a civilian national security force.

Is this the security force Obama wants?

What is this all about?


jim said...

Bring these asshole on, I'm ready.

Government Mess said...

I am ready as well Jim, let them try to make me give up my arms. They will have a big surprise in store!