Friday, April 2, 2010

Democrat "I Don't Care about The Constitution" (Video)

Phil Hare says he doesn't care about the Constitution even though he took an oath to uphold it? Especially as evidenced by voting for a bill that is obviously Unconstitutional! Every Democrap that voted for this ObamaCare Bill that "We the People" Did Not Want Needs to be Fired! This is great they questioned him right out of the interview and into his SUV to run away. I hope more Americans start pinning down their representatives that voted for this Marxist Take Over of our Health Care System and 1/6th of our Economy.


jim said...

This should be sent viral. This particular democrat is at least telling the truth you got to give him that. However, if he doesn't give a damn about the Constitution which he swore to uphold he should be tossed on his butt in November, Jim

Goverment Mess said...

I agree Jim he is exactly what most of the problem is in our Government today. They think they can crap all over the constitution and do what they please.