Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sarah Palin's Awesome Speech - Denver (Full Video)

Sarah Gave one of her greatest speeches last night (5-22-10) at the University of Denver to about 6000 fans. She talks about Arizona's new law and the Immigration problem. She points out that Obama and our politicians don't read the law before saying it's racial profiling. She covers all the issues from health care, energy independence, alienating our allies while coddling our enemies, to her fondness for the greatest president in my lifetime Ronald W. Reagan. She nails Obama to the wall on all the critical issues. Anyone that thinks she isn't qualified to be President needs to watch this video. She has much higher morals and values than the Community Acorn Organizer in Chief. "It's time for an awakening in America," Palin said. She also coined a new phrase last night: “I can see November from my house!” This speech is a must watch.


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