Saturday, May 22, 2010

Veteran Told He Can't Display the American Flag (Vid)

It's a sad time in the United States of America when you can't display the Flag of our Nation to Honor the Fallen Soldiers or the Men and Women serving to protect us from enemies abroad. To tell an 88 year old veteran who has served his country that he can’t fly his American flag outside his dwelling leaves me feeling pretty sad. I understand that home associations and land owners want things to look clean, but this is the American flag.

The political correctness in this country has gone way to far for too long! It's time to stand up to the Liberal Radical Extremists trying to destroy our Country that 'We Love' and 'They Seem to Hate'! If you don't like the U.S.A. go somewhere else! We Love Our Country the way it is and it doesn't need to be Fundamentally Transformed into a Socialist/Marxist Hell that the Obama/Soros/SEIU/ACORN & Progressive Ideologs desire our country to be! Get Out of our Lives Bloated Government!
Remember in November and in 2012!

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