Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alan Grayson laundering money to Florida Tea Party (Vid)

This doesn't shock me at all given Grayson's radical views and ridiculous antics. It seems rather obvious that Grayson was giving the Tea Party money so he can divide the conservative vote and win in a re-election bid. This guy is a dirt bag and I hope everyone can see it by now. It's nice to see a news station doing its job of reporting the truth and doing some investigative work. The M.S.M. could take some lessons from local 6 News.


goldbar said...

It's called smart politics. Why do you think republicans urge other republicans to vote for certain democrats in open primary states? Why do you think Rush was stumping for Hillary? It's not that hard to figure out.

Government Mess said...

I doubt Conservatives are giving big money to Democrats like Grayson did to the Tea Party locally. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Kevin Conner said...

This was not actually the Tea Party, or any of the Tea Party groups in Orlando, but an LLC called Florida TEA Party, LLC.

Run by a few, and not holding many members.


Again, this is an LLC, not a grass roots Tea Party. Sure, they have the right to do as they do, but it was very wrong to use the "tea party" name when they only seek to further power and influence amongst their own.

Government Mess said...

Kevin that isn't the point of the post. Grayson is giving big money to a party that could split conservative votes and thereby help him win a re-election bid.

Thanks for the comments but they are off the mark.