Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alert! President Could Get Power to Turn off Internet (Vid)

Obama Internet kill switch plan approved by US Senate.
Not to worry our bankrupt federal government is adding many more government jobs to the payroll in the name of Cyber 'National Security' - Yeah Right! This the latest and greatest scam being pulled on the American People to threaten our freedom and right to communicate by use of the Internet. This B.S. Bill is potentially the means to silence groups or individuals that the government wants out of commission. I want every politician that voted for this crap OUT in the next possible election! They really do think the American People are stupid obviously. This is a big problem if our government is allowed to take control of our Internet. If we don't make a big fuss over this they will trample more and more on our rights and freedoms, they are destroying our nation with Monstrous Federal Government as the answer to every problem, made up or real. Smaller limited government is the only way out of the rapidly growing crisis that we are watching get bigger by the day. Vote conservative in the next elections or we all will be living in a Socialist State eventually led by a dictatorship that will strip us of all our freedom.
BREAKING NEWS! On a surprising note, CNN actually reported fairly on a critical issue.

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