Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gov. Healthcare: UK Patient Received Smoker’s Lung in Transplant (Vid)

This is another horrifying story of why Socializing Health Care is a horrible way to go. This woman Lyndsey Scott, 28, was suffering from cystic fibrosis and the U.K. government health care system transplanted lungs from a smoker of 30 years to her and she died five months after the operation. Her parents found out the details after she died and were understandably outraged. They said if Lyndsey had known that the lungs had been from a smoker she would not have had the operation. My heart goes out to Lyndsey, and her loved ones. May she rest in peace.

I can't wait for the United States to have Socialized Health care how about you? I hope you could sense my extreme sarcasm. We must repeal Obamacare as soon as possible.

H/T to Breitbart for this video.

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