Monday, June 14, 2010

John Boehner "Government Spending is out of Control" (Vid)

John Boehner speaks the truth with common sense and explains the failures of our government with its inability to cut government spending. Every American family has had to tighten their belts to stay afloat while Government spends at record setting all time highs. This will enslave our future generations and greatly reduce their quality of life.

Fedzilla can not print money and stimulate the economy. The Federal Government is the worst spender of money in our nation, maybe the world. They waste more money than they put into good use and this is a fact. Cut taxes and provide incentives for businesses to hire new employees. Bailouts are simply gifts to selected supporters of this administration. Where are all those "Shovel Ready" Jobs that were supposed to be created by the "Stimulus Bill"? Bigger Government is NOT the Solution, it is the PROBLEM! Mr. Boehner is absolutely correct.

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