Monday, June 28, 2010

Liberal Windbag Wishes Cheney Dead - Why I Hate Libs (Vid)

Why do Conservatives Hate Liberals you may ask? This man makes me want to exterminate every Liberal that lives in our time. This disgusting Pig wishes Dick Cheney dead and not just dead but an agonizing dreadful death to boot. Who in their right minds wishes anyone pain and a slow death when they are in the hospital with unknown serious health issues? Well the P.O.S. Liberal Hypocrites of course! This is just to awful to listen too for those of us that have any sense of decency at all. This is the perfect definition of a Liberal below.


Reaganite Republican said...

How how famous this guy got, he really doesn't sound too bright

And a major screw loose- can you believe the dripping hatred? It's all BS, doesn't seem to have a word of sense to say about anything... just rabble rousing and anger

What a loser, lol- who listens to this tripe?

Government Mess said...

Brainless liberals listen to his!

I could hardly believe his pure hate, he really should be ashamed of himself. The Libs always have their double standards and special rules for just themselves.

The M.S.M. in my opinion, has to go by the wayside as much as the corrupt politicians do.

Have a good one bro.