Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama Supporter Assaults Tea Party Activists & Gets Off (Vid)

Mr. Tabor was punched in the face in front of his wife and screaming 5 year old daughter. He went to the magistrate's office with police and a white magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Governor Spencer.

A black magistrate rescinded the arrest warrant and issued summons to appear in court to both Governor Spencer and Nathan Tabor despite the fact the responding officer testified he had seen the videos and that Mr. Tabor had committed no assault. The magistrates refused to view the videos.

They will use black people to cause civil unrest by telling them that the white people don't like Obama for being an African American while the economy totally gets destroyed.

The masses won't see the agenda because they've been too dumbed down to see beyond color, and can't recognize evil when they see it. It's just "White" vs "Black", instead of "Right" vs "Wrong".

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