Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Palin’s Neighbor-Spy Author "Sarah Palin is Inciting Hatred" (Vid)

Sarah Palin’s new neighbor, author Joe McGinniss, got up early to talk to the Today show’s Matt Lauer from his porch this morning. He claims that he rented the house next door to the Palin family out of complete coincidence. The house rental was to good to pass up... really? What are the odds that this house right next to the celebrity sensation in politics Sarah Palin would be at rock bottom prices? His story stinks to high heaven. Towards the end of this video you get the true feel of this creeps motives and intentions. He is a scum bag that wanted media attention to sell his book of lies and mistruths.

The liberal media will elevate author Joe McGinnis to a god like status because he is trying to show Sarah Palin and her family in a negative way. My prayers and love go out to Sarah and her beautiful family; not to a creepy liberal scum-bag author like Joe McGinnis.

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi PFFV! I saw this interview too. He was lying through the whole thing, you can tell he's a creepy stalker. Sarah need to make the fence even taller, maybe make a moat filled with crocks. When this psycho bends over the railing to be a peeping tom, he'll fall in. (I can dream).

I hope your week is going well so far. I'm hanging in there.

Government Mess said...

Hi Bunni! I love the maot filled with Crocks idea...lol! This guy sure is a P.O.S. and needs to be called out as such. I have very little patience for liberal idiots anymore. They all can jump off a cliff and I could care less.

Week 3 of 4 in driving school and its going well. Please hang in there, we need you hun. Hugs