Monday, June 21, 2010

Rep. Steve King Backs Up Obama Race Comments (Audio)

Congressman Steve King is spot on when he says Obama sides with minorities before knowing the facts of the situation. He talks with Laura Ingraham on her show about his previous comments and stands by them as he should. Obama has shown that he is a racist in my opinion as well. He called his own Grandmother a typical white person that was scared of black people. He jumped to conclusions many times as Steve King points out so very well. You know darned well if those Black Panthers standing outside the voting place were white intimidating black people they would have been incarcerated on the spot. Great Job Laura and Steve, keep shining the light of truth on the "Chicago Way Thugs" Obama & Company.


Reaganite Republican said...

There is NO doubt Barack Obama is racist- why would I ever trust him an inch if I know he resents me purely because of my skin color? Only stupid or guilt-soaked white people would put up with that- I sure won't

He's the most appalling type of racist... one who hates while preaching "justice" and "equality"- then labeling all his opponents "racist" whenever it seems expedient to him... what a piece of work

Sickening- and setting back race relations decades. Instead of preaching self responsibility and empowerment like Bill Cosby, he's creating permanent black resentment and an LA Riot-style "I got to take what I deserve" mentality.

Back in reality, there is NO country on the planet that's done more for black people than the United States of America... where 80% of the world's black millionaires reside, btw

Curse you for destroying my country, Barack Obama- you racist scumbag

Government Mess said...

Hi James, very well said sir. I think the world is finally seeing Obama for what he truly is, an empty suit that panders to minorities and the underdogs of the globe. Liberals are all about victimization and blaming everyone but themselves for what they perceive as a problem. They are warped idiots that have been brain washed by the likes of William Ayers, Acorn, SEIU, and our Dear Leader to name just a few.

It's high time to over-throw these Liberal Mush-heads this November and seal the deal in 2012.

Have a great week sir.