Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sharia Law in Michigan? Christians Arrested in Dearborn (Vid)

If you thought Sharia Law would never happen here in the United States of America you would be dead wrong. In Dearborn Michigan last year at this same Islamic festival people were arrested for asking questions about Christianity. This year some people try to hand out Christian pamphlets on public property outside the festival and are taken into custody in less than 3 minutes by Dearborn Police. They were told that they have to be at least 5 blocks away from the festival to hand out their material. Sharia Law is coming to a neighborhood near you soon too.

Last Years incident at this same Islamic Festival.

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Anonymous said...

Let Security try this mess in Texas...they'll leave minus a few teeth.

William Belle said...

4 Christians arrested in Dearborn? What the heck is going on?