Sunday, July 18, 2010

Democrats are the Party of Racism & KKK, Wake Up! (Vid)

This is the truth showing who is really the party of Racism that the Obama News Media will never report.

The oppression that many in the black community remain angry about has been imposed by the Democrat party, yet the majority of blacks are loyal to the party that has rooted the oppression. Despite that, Republicans that are black get accused of being boot licking house Negroes with Stockholm Syndrome.

I love how the Libs praised Democrat Robert Byrd when he was a proud KKK member for decades.


Anonymous said...

Great Video. Powerful truth that will, unfortunately, be ignored by the majority of the Black community because of the power of some of their leaders.

We need new leadership, conservative leadership, in the Black community. Not the race baiters funded by the Democrats.

Government Mess said...

We agree, thanks for sharing your thoughts sir. Stop by again, have a great week.