Monday, July 26, 2010

Liberal Kamau Kambon Calls for White Genocide (Video)

This occurred at a conference at Howard University on the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Howard is the premier black university in the US. Note the applause when Kamau Kambon calls for the extermination of whites and the total lack of any objection from the audience.

It is not clear to which, if any group Kambon belongs, but a broad array of Black Nationalists & Black Liberationists have this kind of Nazi-like genocidal doctrine, including Obama's own racist sect in Chicago, based on Black Liberation Theology.

Update: Charles Sherrod the husband of the liberal medias newly appointed race healer Shirley Sherrod seems to have adopted the same hateful ideology against white people.(Video Below)

Charles Sherrod's comments were probably was taken out of context too, or so the lame-stream media will tell you. No one on the left is ever racist but they find lies to falsely incriminate the Tea Party Patriots. I suppose they would just have all us whites exterminated as a solution?

Thanks to Dan over at RiehlWorldView for the great video.

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