Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama TV all Saturday Night - Wanda Sykes or SNL?

I couldn't find anything on TV last night (Saturday) that didn't promote Obama and his Socialist agenda or that didn't bash conservative candidates and their views. Wanda Sykes was the worst show that really spent the full show calling people that didn't agree with redistribution of wealth racists. S.N.L. was a rerun but as usual they spewed the normal liberal Pro-Obama rhetoric. The Obama administration is claiming we need equallity and fairness on the airwaves of TV and Radio but what about on Saturday Night when the main channels have nothing but Liberal Activist TV Shows? They bash Sarah Palin and claim Tea Party Patriots are Redneck Racists or worse. I wanted to toss my cookies when I watched a little of the Wanda (sick) Sykes Show.
Remember Wanda's performance at the White House?

SNL at its liberal finest.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi PFFV: That horrible Wanda Sykes makes me SICK too...she is the worse propagandist ever.

If some other comedianne acted like this AGAINST oblahblah, they would fire her on the spot.

Sat. Nite live was a rerun, and NOT FUNNY.

Government Mess said...

I couldn't believe her whole show was nothing but one big political agenda and racist as well. I have no respect for any show that spews political indoctrination. The liberals are just disgusting jerks that want double standards when its right for them and their agenda. Have a great week Bunni, hugs.