Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racial Double Standard in White House? Of Course. (Vid)

Andrew Breitbart is a guest on Sean Hannity's show and defiantly defends the Tea Party movement from false charges of racism by the NAACP and politicians. Breitbart sure knows his facts and sets the record straight. The NAACP and the complicit Obama administrations main goal was to distract the Tea Party from the issues and put them in a defensive posture by having to defend themselves of these racism charges. At the same time anyone on the fence about joining the Tea Party would shy away now because of the negative perception. God bless Andrew Breitbart for the courageous news reporting that he does. He is one of very few news reporters we have to give us the facts and tell us the truth. Keep uncovering the scum Andrew we are behind you 100%!

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