Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tea Party - Doctor Explains ObamaCare Lies (Vid)

Dr. Metyk explains the facts about Government Health Care soon to come to all citizens in America. He tells the truth about what healthcare will look like under the ObamaCare plan. God Bless all the Great Tea Party Patriots for telling the truth to us! This video is excellent and everyone should watch it to learn why ObamaCare is going to cripple our Nation.

Part 2


julie wilson said...

Fabulous video all concerned about the threat of ever expanding government should watch. Very patriotic ending, excellent!!

Samantha Brooks said...

This guy gets it. Great video. Easy on the eyes.


sandy brown said...

Hes right obamacare and socialism will bankrupt us. This guy gets it. A real patriot. Hes easy on the eyes and ears!!

Government Mess said...

Thanks for the great comments and don't be a stranger. I do my very best to report the truth that the main stream media never peeps one word about. Conservatism is the only solution! Remember in November and forever!