Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bristol Palin Rumba Gets Hot and Heavy - Video

Every Lib loves to hate on any Palin so I thought I would post this latest Bristol Palin clip from Dancing with the Stars. I think she is doing a great job on the show for never being a dancer. Its amazing to me how all the hateful liberal democrats post vile comments on YouTube about Bristol and her family. The world is really becoming a bunch of egg-heads. Watch Bristol dance and tell me she isn't a beautiful young lady. Go Bristol!


Reaganite Republican said...

Wow- she's pretty hot, lol

Chip off the old block!

Government Mess said...

Yes I agree sir. She will get better with age just like her mom did. I think Sarah Palin is a stunningly beautiful woman. Todd is a lucky man. We all are lucky to have her and her great conservative spirit fighting for all of our futures. We must not let the tyrants continue to march us down the path of socialism and less freedoms. Right on my brother in arms, right on. God bless you and all the common sense conservatives that will send a clear message this November. Peace